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VA Car Accident Injury Attorneys: Drunk Driving Down Because of Uber & Lyft?

Drunken driving deaths are down over the last year in Virginia, and the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles thinks apps like Uber and Lyft have played a big role.  Holcomb cited preliminary data to a committee of lawmakers in Richmond on Wednesday that show alcohol-related deaths dropped 22 percent last year, down 56 deaths from the year before. Alcohol-related crashes dropped by 332 incidents.

“Other states are saying the same thing, that they are seeing a remarkable decrease because people are just pulling out that iPhone, hitting the app, getting in a car, and getting home safely instead of taking the risk of driving,” he says.

Virginia now has more than 75,000 registered drivers for the companies that are legally referred to as transportation network companies, or TNCs. That is up from 23,000 in July as Virginia’s new registration program was just ramping up.

As Virginia car accident injury attorneys we are pleased with these DUI statistics.  However, our Virginia injury law firm will continue to aggressively represent victims injured by drunk driving. Personal injury victims, or the surviving family members of victims killed in car or truck accidents caused by drunk drivers, can rely on our Virginia-based personal injury and wrongful death attorneys. We understand the seriousness of these types of accidents and are willing to seek punitive damages against those responsible for driving while intoxicated.


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