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VA Car Accident Injury Attorneys: Smart Crosswalks

Best VA pedestrian car accident injury attorneysCan you imagine your life without a smartphone?  Well hopefully soon you won’t be able imagine crossing a street without a smart crosswalk.  What is a smart crosswalk?  It’s an innovative new road design concept. 

“What we’ve done is created an interactive road surface that can display a pedestrian crossing at any location in a road, any size and orientation — even create colored road markings to serve as guidance or warning to people who might be about to get into a dangerous situation,” Usman Haque, one of the creators involved with the projects said. “It responds dynamically in real time to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to create the optimum crossing layout and road markings for a given time of day or a given situation.”

This is good news for pedestrians.  As Virginia car accident injury attorneys we know pedestrian accidents are on the rise.  A new study shows that the number of pedestrians killed in traffic jumped 11 percent last year, to nearly 6,000. That's the biggest single-year increase in pedestrian fatalities, ever and the highest number in more than two decades. If the victim of a pedestrian accident does survive, the injuries can be severe and potentially life-altering. Some victims wind up suffering a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, multiple broken bones, and torn muscles.

Our attorneys have seen, firsthand, the pain and agony that can be inflicted on pedestrians who were hit by a car.

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