VA House to Allow Darker Window Tint

The House of Delegates in Virginia (VA) passed a bill last Tuesday that could allow drivers to have darker tints on their windows.

Currently, VA requires at least 50% visibility on the front side windows, although back windows can be darker if the car owner desires. The new bill, which would lower that visibility to 35%, was presented by Del. Charles Carrico, and passed on a 67-30 vote.

Virginia State Police opposed the bill, citing that it poses a safety hazard for troopers who approach stopped vehicles. However, Carrico, who is a former state trooper, disagreed, and there was no debate by the House before the bill was voted on.

The 50% standard was adopted after the death of a state trooper.
Objections to the bill stem from the fear that a driver or person inside the vehicle could use the darkened windows to conceal weapons. All surrounding states have 35 percent standards.

While it's fine to respect individual driver preferences regarding the aesthetics of their car, we feel this measure puts VA troopers at risk. These brave men and women already put their lives on the line every day simply by going to work, and the new bill would make them even more likely to be the victim of a deadly accident.

We urge lawmakers not to pass this dangerous bill. If drivers are allowed to increase the darkened tint in their windows, those with ill intentions will be much better able to conceal (and ultimately use) the deadly weapons at their disposal against our troopers. If you are the victim of a shooting or other injury, contact a qualified law firm to discuss your case.


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