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VA Injury Lawyer: Sharing the Road with Trucks in Snowy Weather

Last weekend, Virginia was struck with its first snow storm of the season – a storm that resulted in over 700 car accidents across the state and a serious commercial truck accident on I-64 outside of Richmond. While driving in snow can be hazardous for all vehicles on the road, sharing the road with big rigs can especially dangerous when roads are slick, bridges are icy, and visibility is low.

How can you share the road with tractor-trailers in wintery conditions and prevent snow-related truck accidents?
  • Give trucks plenty of room. Because of their size and weight, trucks already require a significant amount of room to slow down or come to a stop. When roads are snowy or icy, stopping can take even longer. In addition, be wary of trucks that could begin slipping backwards when on a hill. 
  • Pass with extra care. While passing tractor-trailers is routine in good weather, you should avoid passing trucks in snow if you can, especially if conditions are also windy. If you must pass, do so with caution. Never drive faster than the conditions allow when passing, and don’t return to the travel lane until you have put significant distance between your vehicle and the truck. 
  • If the trucks leave the road, so should you! If many of the tractor-trailers on the road disappear as snow begins to fall, take it as a sign that the highway or interstate is not safe for driving. Many truckers have years of experience and know when to stop driving.

Have you been injured in a Virginia truck accident that involved poor weather conditions? You may wish to speak to a VA injury lawyer about your case. Call us today to schedule a free, private meeting.



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