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Reckless Left Turn Leads to Death of Motorcycle Rider in Toms Brook, VA

A motorcyclist from Edinburg, Virginia (VA), died after colliding with a motor home on Mt. Olive Road just west of I-81 in the town of Toms Brook. The fatal crash occurred on the morning of August 10, 2014, and police determined that the driver of the RV had caused the accident by attempting a reckless left turn. Charges have been filed.



My condolences go out to the friends and family members of the motorcycle rider who lost his life. As a Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney who has represented dozens of motorcycle crash victims, I have seen far too many wrecks similar to this one. No matter how often drivers of cars, trucks and recreational vehicles are reminded to watch for bikers and share the road respectfully and safely, the message never seems to stick.

Nothing excuses turning into the path of an oncoming motorcycle without allowing enough time to clear the lane. Likewise, no driver can be excused for changing lanes unsafely and putting motorcyclists' health and lives at risk. The one reason almost all people who do these things and initiate collisions that result in injuries and deaths say is that they never saw the biker. The truth is probably closer to that they did not really look.

A sad lesson to draw, then, is that motorcyclists must always be on caution for others on the road to make mistakes and act along a continuum of inconsiderate-to-negligent-to-reckless. Still, no matter how much care motorcycle riders exercise, it really is everyone's responsibility to prevent tragedies like the one in Toms Brook.




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