VA Personal Injury Attorneys: Near Drowning Accidents and Injuries

Best VA drowning injury attorneyThe summer is over but the Virginia weather is sticky and hot.  A family trip to the local swimming hole sounds like just the thing.  The kids splash happily in the water and Mom and Dad are deep in conversation.  Suddenly the noises of splashing and laughter stop.  Drowning is often silent and children simply slip under the water unable to alert adults.  Even if the child can be resuscitated serious injury can still occur.

Our VA personal injury lawyers know that near-drowning is a term typically used to describe almost dying from suffocating under water. It is the last stage before fatal drowning, which results in death. Near-drowning victims still require medical attention to prevent related health complications.

During near-drowning, your body is cut off from oxygen to the point where major body systems can begin to shut down from the lack of oxygen flow. In some cases (particularly in young children), this can happen in a matter of seconds. The process typically takes longer in adults.

Near-drowning can cause complications depending on how long a person is deprived oxygen. Complications may include:

·       pneumonia

·       acute respiratory distress syndrome

·       brain damage

·       chemical and fluid imbalances in the body

·       a permanent vegetative state


Injuries sustained by a near drowning may lead to long-term care and treatment and this can be expensive.  They may also affect the quality of life for the victim and prevent them from going to school or working.  Make certain that the person or entity responsible for the anoxic brain injury in your family has compensated you for these costs.

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