Best VA amputation injury attorneysHave you ever sprained your thumb?  If so, do you remember how difficult it was to do the simplest of tasks?  Opening a jar, buttoning a button, or even holding a coffee cup can all be nearly impossible.  Now imagine if you had lost your thumb completely due to a traumatic accident that lead to amputation.  Imagine how every day for the rest of your life you would have to dramatically alter your way of life.

As Virginia amputation injury attorneys we know that losing a finger or a thumb involves many unique issues.  The victim will have to be seen by a variety of professionals that treat amputation injuries.  Along with the physical injury victims must also deal with the psychological and mental aspects of losing a limb, finger or thumb.

When our attorneys meet with a victim who has suffered an amputation we know by experience that they most likely will be looking at future surgeries.  Our attorneys work with qualified life care planning nurses and rehabilitation experts in order to present the actual costs of the future surgical procedure, including any physical therapy or rehabilitation costs associated with that future surgery.  Unfortunately, in our state and federal courts, the judges will not allow an attorney to present a claim for money for future medical expenses or surgeries unless there is adequate evidence. This means professional medical testimony.  Accordingly, obtaining a medical professional opinion on future medical expenses or costs is absolutely mandatory and is something that experienced injury attorneys often must develop and present in case of a jury trial.