VA Roofer Seriously Injured by Electrical Line In Newport News, Virginia

A roofer was injured after coming into contact with an electrical power line for an air conditioner atop Saint Paul AME Church in Newport News, Virginia (VA). According to the Virginian-Pilot, the worker had to be transported to Riverside Regional Hospital for treatment of electrical burns.  

Electric shock of a human body may, if the current is high enough, cause tissue damage and disrupt the beating of the heart enough to cause cardiac arrest. Burn injuries can also result and be difficult for victims to deal with when the burns are slow to heal, require surgeries such as skin grafts, lead to infections and leave permanent scarring. Three main types of scars associated with burns: 
  • Keloid scars cover more area than the injury.
  • Hypertrophic scars are red in color.
  • Contracture scars restrict body movement.

First degree burns result in peeling, but no scarring. Second and third degree burns expose skin to blisters. Individuals with burns injuries may feel extreme pain. If a burn damages sweat glands, victims may have difficulty regulating body temperature.

Depending on the cause of the electrical injury, the injured victims or a family member may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of Virginia accident lawyers to recover losses from the responsible parties. To learn more about the recoveries you or a loved one may be awarded when an accident resukts in an electrical shock or burn injury, check out one of our case results in this area.



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