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Drunk Driving Accident Turns Celebratory Night Into Long Nightmare for VA Teens

VA Brain Injury LawyersRecently,two teens ended up in the hospital after suffering serious injuries in a DUI car crash.  The 18-year-old driver responsible for the single-car crash had just graduated from Salem High School in Virginia Beach, VA, and his passenger had recently turned 16. After hanging out with a group of friends at a house in Salem Woods, the two teens left shortly before 4 am.

The driver lost control of the car and slammed into a tree.
Despite wearing her seat belt, the female passenger suffered a fractured skull and sustained severe trauma to the right side of her brain. While in the hospital, she slipped in and out of consciousness and had not spoken.

The driver cracked several ribs and suffered a collapsed lung. He already faced an unresolved charge for underage possession of alcohol. Now, he has also been charged with drunken driving and, again, illegal possession of alcohol.

It is scary how quickly our lives can be changed forever by an auto accident. Little can be done to reverse brain damage caused by trauma. Traumatic brain injuries contribute to suicide, unemployment, substance abuse and crime. Patients with brain injuries suffer costly medical bills from long-term rehabilitation.

The passenger's parents likely can file an injury claim on her behalf against the insurance companies for the fault of her driver. The insurer may try to defend by saying that the girl assumed the risk of her injury if she knew the driver was impaired and chose to ride with him. I know from 22 years experience as a personal injury attorney in Virginia that the young lady probably did not think the fellow was still drunk or she would have refused to get in the vehicle.

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