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VA: Wrong-Way Driver Injures 3 on Capital Beltway

Two people in an SUV and the driver of a minivan wound up hospitalized with serious injuries after colliding with a car that got onto the Capital Beltway through Alexandria, Virginia (VA), going the wrong way. The multivehicle accident occurred near the Eisenhower Avenue exits and I-95 interchange just before 2 am on May 2, 2016.



The wrong-way driver was in a Honda CRV, and he first caused a head-on collision with the SUV. That impact split the smaller car in two, and one of the sections slammed into the minivan. The at-fault driver died at the scene, while the survivors in the other vehicles remained in the hospital a day after the crash.

Calls to the police about a car speeding into oncoming traffic began arriving at least 10 minutes before the first 911 call concerning the wreck. The at-fault driver apparently traveled several miles after using an exit ramp to get onto the interstate, but investigators could not immediately determine where or why the error was made.

Explanation for wrong-way driving on the highway include getting lost and confused, fleeing police and taking the wheel after becoming impaired by drugs or alcohol. Whatever explains this incident south of Washington, DC, the injured victims surely have additional questions regarding insurance claims and payment of their medical bills, lost wages, and other crash-related expenses.

Blame and liability for the head-on collision and secondary crash seem to rest squarely with the car's driver who lost his life. His insurance policy should remain in effect until all legitimate claims are resolved. If he lacked insurance or carried insufficient coverage, the injured victims may have to file claims under the uninsured motorist provisions of their own policies. Pursuing a lawsuit against the deceased at-fault driver's estate could be a third option depending on his financial status and the outcomes of insurance filings.

Solutions to the fiscal problems forced upon the innocent highway travelers by the wrong-way driver do exist, but securing them may take time, expertise and dedication. A skilled and knowledgeable Virginia personal injury lawyer may be able to help the injured parties receive the settlements and judgments they need to return to physical and financial health. 


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