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Victim’s Family of Louisiana Wrongful Death Tractor-Trailer Accident Wins Settlement

What Happened:

An auto accident resulted in severe bums and ultimately death for passenger of a tractor-trailer which was driven by an employee on Interstate 20 in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana (LA).The truck was behind another tractor-trailer when that vehicle slowed the truck moved into the right hand lane and smashed into the back of yet another truck that was merging onto the intestate from the shoulder.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

The family of the victim hired an experienced truck injury attorney and was able obtain a good settlement with the workers’ compensation company.  Since the victim was a passenger and had no part in causing the accident the victim’s personal injury attorneys examined the driver’s actions.   They contended that the victim’s vehicle was following to close and if it had not, they would have seen the merging truck. Plaintiff contended that the defendant impeded the flow of traffic and caused the accident.  The end result is that the victim’s family was able to recover damages to pay for the medical bills and life flight totaling $38,000 and more importantly the loss of earnings in the amount of $533,000 that the victim would have made over his lifetime.

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