What Happened:

A woman looked down at her speedometer for too long when she was driving in Vienna, Virginia, and she smashed into the rear end of another car. That vehicle then smashed into another car. The driver of the second car had neck and back pain and was sent to a local hospital.

Witnesses stated that the driver’s car smashed through the trunk of the second car. The woman who caused the wreck was driving south on Park Street. The two cars that were struck had stopped because of traffic. The driver apparently did not see that the cars in front of her were stopped because she was distracted.

The at fault driver was charged with failure to pay full time and attention.

Virginia Injury Lawyer Perspective:

All of us are relieved that no serious injuries occurred in this car accident. However, the moral of this story is to not take your eyes off the road for a moment while your car is moving. A Virginia personal injury lawyer could be useful in this case for the injured. There is a good chance that the driver who is at fault could be liable in a civil lawsuit. The injured party may be able to recover financial compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages.

Helpful Info:

Learn about common car insurance coverage limits if you are the victim of a car accident in Virginia.

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FAQs about head and neck injuries in a car accident.

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