What Happened

A clinic in Roanoke, Virginia (VA) is under heavy scrutiny for administering tainted steroid injections. The latest claim stems from the death of a Salem, Virginia (VA) man claiming the clinic lied to patients about the drug.

The Wingate family has filed a $25 million lawsuit stating that the lab falsely indicated on bills and medical records that it was using a federally approved drug, Depo-Medrol, when it was actually administering a high-risk drug that was produced by a small Massachusetts pharmacy.

The Wingate’s claim is not the first against the lab but has the most detailed allegations. More than 30 other lawsuits have been filed by families in the region by loved ones who came down with meningitis after they had received the injections. Nationwide, 39 people have died and more than 600 have gotten sick since September.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

We all put a lot of trust and faith into the medical professionals when a loved one becomes ill or needs surgery. However doctors and nurses are human and make mistakes, unfortunately their mistakes can lead to dire consequences. When building a medical malpractice claim it is vital to obtain complete medical records of all treatment in question, this is your right and cannot be denied by any doctor or hospital. Medical negligence cases can be extremely intricate; our law firm has experienced lawyers with a real track record of awarding our clients positive results for medical negligence.

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