Virginia Beach: 2 Injured in Buckner Blvd. Crash

Two Virginia Beach drivers went to the hospital with injuries after thier cars collided at Buckner Boulevard and Canadian Arch on the night of November 27, 2016. Both people became trapped in the wreckage, but the extent and nature of their injuries were not reported.



Police could not immediately determine which driver caused the crash and continued investigating into the following morning. An official police report that names the at-fault driver could help the other driver file and collect on insurance claims for personal injuries and other damages. While waiting for that information, both people involved in the Buckner Boulevard wreck could benefit from speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer.

Working with a plaintiff's attorney will help the injured crash victim obtain and interpret the accident report, gather and organize medical bills and other information needed to substantiate an insurance claim, and deal with the at-fault driver's insurance company. Consulting with a lawyer early can prevent serious problems and delays with each of these steps that must be taken to return to physical health and financial solvency after a car crash while holding the at-fault driver accountable.


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