Virginia Beach Car Crash Seriously injures Bicycle Rider

A crash between a car and a bicycle in Virginia Beach, VA, on the night of June 11, 2016, left the bike rider critically injured. The collision occurred in the 400 block of Independence Boulevard, just south of the intersection with Baxter Road and near Town Center. 



Police did not release information on the cause of the nearly fatal wreck, and they did not tell reporters if they issued charges against the driver. The area where the car hit the bicyclist is heavily trafficked and does not include bike lanes. Despite that, bike riders are permitted to use Independence Boulevard, and people behind the wheels of cars and trucks must be watchful for, and respectful of, individuals on bicycles.

Possible explanations for the wreck include failure to slow down when approaching a bicycle from behind, leaving too little room to the right while passing a bicycle, failure to yield right of way to a turning vehicle and low visibility. Bikes are vehicles, and seeing them is not always easy, especially at night. For these reasons, a reasonable explanation such as low speed or lack of shoulder space would not necessarily stand as excuses that relieve the driver of responsibility.

A driver's negligence does not always bring charges for committing traffic violations, but it should always make the driver accountable for settling insurance claims. Speaking with a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer could help the bike rider hurt on Independence Boulevard make sure that happens.


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