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Virginia Beach Chain-Reaction Crash Hospitalizes One Person

Bad roads, heavy traffic and at least a few drivers' inattention appear to have combined to cause a major accident in Virginia Beach, VA, during morning rush hour on April 24, 2012.

According to WAVY-TV 10, nine vehicles eventually became involved in the chain-reaction crash on Indian River Road near an on-ramp to I-64. Police determined that the pileup most likely began when a motorcyclist hit a pothole, lost control of his bike and went down in the lane of traffic. The driver of the car immediately following the motorcycle stopped suddenly, causing a string of rear-end collisions.

View a larger map of where nine vehiclespiled up near I-64 on Indian River Road in Virginia Beach.

At least one person was taken to a nearby hospital complaining of an accident-related neck injury.

Police informed the television station that charges are pending but did not indicate against whom.

As a long-time Virginia Beach resident, I'm tempted to urge the police to issue tickets to VDOT and the city road department for not fixing the pothole. As a Virginia personal injury attorney who regularly assists victims of motorcycle crashes and rear-end accidents, however, I strongly suspect the incident involved one or several people who were following too closely, speeding or simply not paying attention to changing road and traffic conditions.

Distracted driving, exceeding the speed limit and not leaving enough room between one's vehicle and the one in front all set the stage for serious rear-end accidents.

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