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Virginia Beach Head-On Collision Leaves One Person Severely Injured

A driver involved in a head-on collision near the intersection of Indian River Road and West Orchard Spring Way in Virginia Beach, VA, suffered life-threatening injuries. The accident occurred around 9 pm on December 17, 2011, and the injury victim had to be medevaced to a hospital for emergency, life-saving treatment.

WAVY-TV 10 has reported that the injured person is expected to survive.

Head-on car crash in Virginia Beach badly injures driver

With the immediate threat of death apparently having passed, questions for the injured person and the person's family must turn to matters of paying medical bills, dealing with long-term health care costs for rehabilitation and replacing wages lost to having to miss work while in the hospital and at home recovering. Depending on the nature of the injuries suffered -- details are scant, but mild or traumatic brain injuries are common in head-on wrecks -- the person may never fully return to a pre-accident state of physical and mental health.

Our Virginia Beach-based personal injury attorneys often represent people hurt in head-on collisions and other traffic accidents caused by other drivers' negligence, distraction or impairment by drugs or alcohol. If it turns out that that the person injured in this latest head-on crash fell victim to the poor vehicle operation of an at-fault driver, that person and family member should seek advice on legal options for receiving compensation that will help them recover financially from the accident.

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