The operator of a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle was traveling on London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) when a Lincoln Town Car made a left from Bowland Parkway onto London Bridge Rd. This caused the motor bike rider to hit the left rear of the car and get ejected from the motorcycle. They died at the scene.

It turns out the driver of the Town Car was intoxicated. He has been charged with driving under the influence, according to the Daily Press.

The Daily Press report also says that the motorcyclist was operating at a high rate of speed. Some people may construe this statement as implying that motor bike rider was at fault. This may not be the case and no one should jump to conclusions.

A Virginia citizen posted an insightful comment on the Daily Press forum about this car-motorcycle crash:

“It really angers me when a motorcyclist dies we always seem to be going a high rate of speed or we are somehow to blame!!! Was there someone there with a radar gun or was the revving of the engine proof? I think not.”

There is a difference between “traveling at a high rate of speed” and “speeding.” We’ll have to wait and see what the VA’s Fatal Crash Team accident report reveals.