Virginia Beach Parking Lot Crash Hospitalizes Pedestrian

A man suffered serious leg injuries when a driver hit him in the parking lot of a Virginia Beach Home Depot. The pedestrian accident happened off of Virginia Beach Boulevard on the afternoon of October 24, 2016.



Police announced their intention to charge the at-fault driver but did not specify which offenses the driver committed. Two leading causes of crashes in parking lots are driver distraction and speeding. If either occurred in this case, the driver would be negligent and potentially responsible for paying compensation to the injured pedestrian. The pedestrian's claims for the payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and short-term or long-term disability would be bolstered by evidence that the he was in a crosswalk when the driver struck him. Determining right of way for drivers and pedestrians in areas of a parking lot that are not marked as crosswalks is trickier.

Consulting with a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer who has helped other pedestrians hurt by negligent drivers would help the victim of this wreck understand his legal rights and options.


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