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Virginia Beach: Pickup Passenger Dies in Crash With Dump Truck

A December 30, 2016, crash involving a dump truck, a pickup and an SUV on Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach, VA, left one person dead and the drivers of the smaller vehicles hospitalized with injuries. The deceased passenger was riding in the pickup when it ran into the back of the dump truck and spun into the SUV.



According to police and witnesses, the stage for the deadly crash was set when the driver of the dump truck stopped in traffic and attempted to back up into the entrance of a construction site close to the intersection with Tournament Drive. The pickup was traveling in the same lane as the construction vehicle, and the SUV had been cruising alongside the pickup.

News reports indicate that investigators intended to file charges against at least one of the drivers. Left unspecified was what those charges might be. Stopping and backing up on a state highway like Princess Anne Road near the Virginia Beach Courthouse can be a ticketable offense. It is unclear whether the pickup driver will be assigned any fault of the type that would make the person liable for settling insurance claims. Regardless, the passengers's family should have grounds for filing claims in a situation like this because the passenger is highly likely to be completely free of accusations of contributory negligence. 

The injured drivers and the family of the passenger who died could benefit from speaking with a caring Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney. Even if only a single driver is determined to be at fault, filing and collecting on insurance claims will be complicated and time-consuming. The difficulty, frustration and potential for having claims rejected will only increase if insurance companies for the construction contractor and trucking company get involved.


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