Virginia Beach Police Helicopter to Help with “Medical Evacuations” to the Hospital | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

If you were in a serious car accident with major injuries in Hampton Roads, an airlift to a Trauma I medical center can mean the difference between living and dying.  So, it is good news that now another option is available to rush patients to the hospital in an emergency.

A Virginia Beach police spokeswoman announced that their $2.9 million helicopter will help with medical evacuations starting this fall.  Volunteer paramedics and helicopter pilots have been working together to get ready for their joint duties.  The Virginia Beach police will aid “Nightingale air ambulance,” controlled by Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, to help once the service starts. 

The police helicopter will still be used primarily for law enforcement purposes.  When used for medical evacuation, the helicopter will be able to house a patient as well as two paramedics and the crew.