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Virginia Beach Student Hurt When Bus Get His by FedEx Truck

bus accidentA collision between a Virginia Beach Public Schools bus and a FedEx truck left one student and the bus operator needing hospital treatment for cuts and bruises. The accident occurred on the morning of October 22, 2014, at the intersection of Damascus Trail and Holland Road. The injuries incurred by the child and the adult resulted from glass shards created by the shattering of the driver's side window.

The commercial truck driver appears to have sideswiped the Kemps Landing Middle School bus. Neither the FedEx employee nor any of the other students aboard the bus sustained significant injuries. No word on whether the truck driver will face charges appeared in news reports.

The accident on Holland Road occurred only about an hour after an SUV rear-ended a Bayside High School bus on Newton Road in the northwest corner of Virginia Beach. No one got hurt in that fender-bender, but two bus crashes caused by people behind the wheels of other vehicles highlight an ever-present danger. Despite laws requiring motorists to stop for buses taking on and letting off students, yielding right of way and slowing down in school zones, and generally giving school buses wide berth to operate safely, accidents like these in Virginia happen with alarming frequency. In fact, an average of just under 19 children old enough to attend school die each year in wrecks involving buses.

Parent place so much trust in bus drivers, and the overwhelming majority of people whose job is transporting school children carry out their responsibilities with the utmost care. Mistakes, negligence and recklessness by other drivers cannot be prevented by bus operators, however. Everyone sharing the road with a school bus must act like they hold the riders' lives in their hands, because they do.


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