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Virginia Beach Van Flips with Baby on Board: What to Do If Your Child is Injured

VA child car accident injury attorneysSqueezing into the back seat and fighting with a squirmy toddler or infant to get their arms into the safety harness is par for the course for Virginia (VA) moms and dads. No matter how short or long a trip is keeping your child safe is your first priority. So I can only imagine how upset a mother was after a van collided with the van she was driving flipping it over in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Indian River Road and Level Green Blvd. Emergency crews are assessing several people including a baby. As a Virginia car accident injury attorney I have seen my fair share of children hurt in car accidents. We recently settled multiple cases stemming from our Virginia Beach, VA, clients’ car being rear ended by a tractor-trailer at a stoplight. This wreck caused serious personal injuries to the parents and their two daughters who suffered brain trauma despite being securely buckled into their car seats.

Anytime you or your child has been injured in a car accident it is much better to be safe than sorry. Young children and infants are unable to explain all their injuries and if left untreated may seriously impact the rest of their life. Read our Child Injury Guide: What to Do If Child Gets Hurt in an Accident and arm yourself with knowledge.


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