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Virginia Beach Woman Indicted on Hit and Run Charge

A woman in Virginia Beach is facing two felony indictments for a hit and run that killed a pedestrian last year.

The grand jury met last week at Virginia Beach Circuit Court and returned an indictment for second degree murder and felony hit and run.

Police state that the 39 year-old woman hit the 47 year-old male pedestrian with her car and left the scene. The incident occurred in a parking lot next to Plaza Middle School on South Lynnhaven Road.

Family members for the man told the media that he and the woman had been romantically involved. His family did not know why they were in that parking lot so early in the morning.

The indicted woman has a long criminal record and has pleaded guilty for hit and run before.

Hit and run accidents that we see in our Virginia personal injury law practice normally do not involve people who are romantically involved. Usually, these accidents occur at crosswalks on busy roadways, and are not crimes of passion.

Regardless of the reason for the hit and run, the family of the victim would be wise to not be satisfied with a mere criminal conviction in this case. A wrongful death lawsuit against the woman could result in the family recovering damages for their loss. Most car insurance policies will provide some amount of funds to the victim’s family for pain and suffering, funeral costs and other damages and expenses.


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