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Virginia Beach Wreck Shows Impaired Drivers Always Pose Risks

A rear-end collision in Virginia Beach, VA, shows that every person is at risk at all times from drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The illustrative crash occurred at the intersection of Independence Boulevard and Nesbitt Drive at 6:20 am on August 6, 2015, when a car driven by a man subsequently charged with DUI ran into the back of sheriff's van loaded with prisoners at a high rate of speed. The impact left two law enforcement officers injured and three jail inmates being transported from Chesapeake to Portsmouth needing hospital treatment.




The reported facts of the crash strain believability. First, a person appears to have poured on speed while approaching a police vehicle. That person was either drunk or stoned -- possibly both -- at a time when the vast majority of fellow drivers are commuting to work. Most remarkably, the at-fault driver stumbled away unscathed while several people in the larger vehicle struck from behind sustained serious injuries. The victims could trust in neither basic responsibility nor heavy steel.

Another thing the rear-end collision caused by the impaired driver does is rededicate my Virginia Beach personal injury law colleague's and myself to never defending an accused drunk driver or drugged motorist. The dangers intoxicated people create when they get behind the wheel -- the injuries and deaths they inflict -- are too real to excuse or explain away. We wish all the individual injured in this latest, needless and eminently avoidable DUI/DWI crash in Virginia Beach full and rapid recoveries.


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