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With the warmer weather on its way, more and more Virginians will be taking to the roads on their bikes. Many people enjoy cycling for both recreation and transportation, but cycling also puts you at risk of being injured in a bike accident.

Although no cyclists want to think about being in an accident, it is very helpful to know ahead of time what to do should that type of incident occur. When a bicycle accident does happen, it is considered a vehicle accident and so it is important to gather the same type of documentation and evidence that you would if you were in a car instead of on a bike. Here are the steps you should take should you find yourself involved in a bike accident:

Report the Accident

If you are physically able to, call the police from the accident scene. The police report will be helpful for any claim your Virginia bike accident attorney may file for damages against the at-fault driver. You will want to obtain the contact information of the driver who hit you, as well as their license, registration, and automobile insurance information. If there are any witnesses who saw the accident, try to get their contact information, as well.


Document the Accident

While you are still at the accident scene, you will want to document evidence. Use your smartphone to take photographs of the positions of the bike and vehicle. Make sure to take photos of the damage to your bike and any damage to the vehicle. If there are any skid marks or debris left on the road from the crash, get photos of those, too.

If your injuries prevent you from obtaining these photos, ask help from a witness at the scene. At home, take photographs of any injuries, bruises, cuts, etc. that you have sustained.

See a Doctor

Even if you only think you have minor injuries, you will want to see a doctor right away. One of the most dangerous injuries a cyclist suffers in a crash – even with a helmet – is a head injury. Unfortunately, many head or brain injuries do not present symptoms right away and by the time they do, the victim’s life could be in serious jeopardy.

It is also important to have any injuries you have suffered documented right away. Otherwise, the insurance company could try to say you were injured somewhere else.

Speak to a Virginia Injury Attorney

Despite how safely you ride, you may still become the victim of a bicycle accident. If you have been injured, contact a skilled Virginia bike accident attorney to find out what legal steps you can take against the person who is responsible for the crash. The legal team at Shapiro & Appleton will work diligently to get you the financial compensation you may be entitled to for your pain and loss.