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Virginia Car Accident Injury Attorneys: Wrong Way Accidents Cause Many Fatalities

Best, wrong-way, head-on accident injury lawyers in VAA woman from Gloucester was killed in a head-on car accident recently in Henrico County, Virginia.  In the darkness of the night, at nearly 1 am, a Jeep crossed the median and slammed head-on into her car.  The other driver suffered only minor injuries and was charged with reckless driving and driving without a license, state police said.  Wrong-way accidents cause between 300 and 400 roadway fatalities each year according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA).  Wrong-way driving is defined as a driver who operates their vehicle in the opposite direction of travel on a freeway or highway and collides with a vehicle traveling in the right direction.

The highest concentrations of wrong way crashes occur between midnight and 3am, if it’s possible stay off the road during these times.  If you must drive at that time then always travel in the right lane if possible. Traveling in the right lane is the safest bet to avoid an on-coming wrong-way driver. The wrong way driver may be confused and assume the right is the slowest, but in the opposite direction, the wrong-way driver’s right is actually the left lane, also known as the fast lane. 

Several states are doing even more to curb wrong-way crashes, including Arizona; California; Florida; Missouri; Rhode Island; Texas; and Wisconsin. Those states are testing what’s known as the Wrong-Way Driver Detection System, according to TAPCO, the company that created the system.  Here’s how it works: When a driver enters an on-ramp the wrong way, the driver strikes a sensor activating flashing lights attached to wrong-way sign as selected on-ramps.  The idea is to alert wrong-way drivers to their dangerous mistake before tragedy strikes.  The system also alerts other drivers by posting a message on electronic traffic signs warning a wrong way driver may be heading towards them. Finally, the system also alerts police.

As Virginia car accident injury lawyers we hope that Virginia will soon begin to implement more wrong-way driver safety measures.

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