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Virginia: Car Pulling Into Traffic Kills Motorcycle Rider, Injures Passenger

A collision between a car and a motorcycle near Lynchburg, Virginia (VA), proved fatal for the man driving the bike and left the motorcycle passenger suffering from critical injuries. The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of U.S. 460/Timberlake Road and Powtan Road in the community of Timberlake.



The intersection where the deadly crash occurred is not controlled by a stoplight. According to news reports, the car's driver pulled out in front of the motorcyclists. Charges were reportedly pending, but it remains unclear whether the person behind the wheel of the car, who also suffered injuries as a result of the wreck, failed to yield right of way to the two-wheeler or committed some other moving violation that endangered the bikers.

Also unclear is whether the motorcycle passenger, identified as the 70-year-old wife of the 71-year-old biker who lost his life, will recover fully from injuries described as "serious." Both she and her husband were ejected from their motorcycle when hit by the car. Each was wearing a helmet, but such safety equipment can only provide so much protection against traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures.

All two-wheelers--motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles--can be difficult for drivers to see. Judging the speed and distance of such small vehicles can also be tricky. Because of these things, everyone behind the wheel of a car or truck must make extra efforts to spot bikes and then to exercise additional caution when deciding whether to turn, merge or cross after seeing a biker approaching. Claiming "I never even saw" too often just means "I never really looked." 


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