What Happened:

One recent article discussed a new initiative in Virginia designed to provide the public online access to an interactive traffic crash database in the hopes of offering a more complete picture of highway safety in thestate.

Virginia’s Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS) will now be available through the Department of Motor Vehicles website, granting residents and others the ability to view their own crash reports. The goal is to centralize all the information in the state so that those involved in accidents or seeking answers can turn to one source.

A system that previously took between six and nine months to have all crash data entered into the system has now been shortened to only a few hours thanks to the wonders of electronic automation. Officials hope the access to information will allow Virginians to be safer on the state’s roads and might even cause officials to notice traffic accident trends sooner.

The software will allow users to create and sort crash reports by street location, age and even gender. However, no personal information of individuals involved in crashes will be released.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

As Virginia car accident attorneys, we have seen the tragic results of car wrecks many times. Theaccident information available on the new database will hopefully assist lawmakers and other safety officials in designing safer roads and more sustainable traffic plans to reduce the risk of future accidents. 

No family should have to endure the heartache that follows a terrible VA car crash. If you’ve experienced the pain of having a loved one hurt or killed in a car wreck, consider consulting with an experienced accident attorney who can assist you with any future claims that may arise from the accident. 

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