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Virginia Driver Killed in Left-Turn Accident in Hampton

An attempted early morning left-hand turn became a deadly accident in Hampton, Virginia (VA), on December 21, 2011, when a pickup truck turning onto Hampton Center Parkway collided with a car traveling straight on Magruder Boulevard.

A car's drivr lost his life in a collision with a pickup truck while he was making a left-hand turn in Hampton, VA.

A police spokesperson told the Daily Press that investigators are seeking eyewitnesses to the crash so they can determine the cause of the accident. Among the details officers must determine are whether the truck driver failed to yield right of way before beginning to turn or whether the car driver had a red light.

Regardless of which driver was at fault in the car-pickup accident, the collision illustrates once again how dangerous left turns at busy intersections can be. As Virginia personal injury attorneys who have represented many victims of left-hand turn crashes, we have seen too many times the terrible aftereffects of such collisions. Sadly, a death resulted from the accident in Hampton. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the man's family and friends.

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