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Virginia Driver Retrieving Cell Phone Charged With Reckless Driving

A woman reaching for her cell phone lost control of her SUV on a Tuesday morning in May 2011 on Route 199, in James City, Virginia (VA), according to the Virginia Gazette.

The woman was taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center, but not seriously injured. She was charged with reckless driving. According to police, when she tried to retrieve her cell phone, her 2004 Honda Pilot swerved into the median, rolling and landing on its wheels. Then, the SUV went into reverse, crossing back over the westbound lanes before winding up in a ditch.

Though no one was reported hurt in the accident, the woman could have killed or seriously injured people on the road. Losing someone you love is never easy, but is especially devastating when they are taken from you in a sudden, preventable car crash.

A Consumer Reports study on mobile device use revealed:

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, distracted driving killed almost 5,000 people and injured close to half a million people in 2009.

For more information, download our free consumer report on distracted driving.


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