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Virginia DUI Driver Causes Head-On Fatal Cash

The lack of accountability for one's actions can have devastating consequences. As Virginia personal injury attorneys, we have seen firsthand the life-changing injuries innocent victims suffered at the hands of careless drivers.

Now, a drunk driver in Hanover County, VA, slammed head-on into a SUV, killing the passenger in his car and injuring a woman and her three children.

People who wish to drink responsibly have many options.  But with 11,000 deaths caused each year in drunk driving accidents, it doesn’t seem like careless and selfish drivers care enough to try. It seems the driver is at fault so why do the injured parties need to hire a car accident injury lawyer?

Insurance companies delay payments, offer insufficient settlements before car accident victims fully understand the extent of their damages, or sometimes flat out deny valid claims.  If you would like to learn more on how to recover after a car accident injury, please read our consumer guide: The Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia.




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