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Virginia Electric Shock Lawyers: Fatal On the Job Electrocution Injury in California

Little known fact: In 1882 Thomas Edison created world's first central generating plant in New York City.  Nearly 120 years later electricity is now available all over the world.  However with the convenience of electricity there also comes great danger. Recently an Arcata, California contractor was killed by an electrocution injury while working at a mill.   

As Virginia, (VA) electric shock lawyers we know that his family may have the right to file a wrongful death claim if his injury was caused by faulty or defective equipment at the job site or if the equipment became defective and dangerous because of something the product manufacturer, distributor or seller did to it. Basically, if the injury was caused by the negligence or malfeasance of another company rather than by his own employer, then his family can file injury claims against that other company.

In certain Virginia (VA) electrocution injury cases you can receive workers' compensation benefits from your employer and bring a separate negligence action against a third party besides your employer, but read this entire list of FAQs to understand how workers' compensation claims differ from negligence claims and lawsuits in Virginia, North Carolina and beyond.

One example of an electric shock injury case that our firm handled involved a Coast Guard security officer who suffered major shock injuries to both of his shoulders requiring eight hours of orthopedic surgery.  Due to the orthopedic and neurological injuries from the electrical shock, our client could not lift either arm without assistance for quite some time. After months of physical therapy, he was finally able to get motion restored so each arm could be level with his shoulders.  He suffered continuing anxiety, and PTSD.  Months later he underwent a second surgery on one shoulder as well.  The medical bills totaled $110,000.00, and the Coast Guard officer was earning about $47,000.00 a year and his medical disqualification from the service was a certainty so he would suffer huge lost wages in the future. Again, we understood just how terrible this incident was and were able to secure a $525,000 settlement for our client.


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