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Virginia Electric Shock Personal Injury Lawyers

These are just a few examples of recent electric shock injuries:

As Virginia (VA) electric shock personal injury lawyers we know that people from all walks of life can fall victim to electric shock and become seriously injured or die. Most people at one time or another have had the misfortune of coming into contact with a light socket without a bulb or an uninsulated live wire.  The shock of the sting or buzz that they received at the time of the incident however is nothing like a true electric shock injury.  A true electrical injury often causes external and internal burns and delivers a much greater wallop -- even throwing a person several feet through the air. It can also have potentially life-altering effect for the victim.

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In some cases where the victim survives, an electrical shock injury can cause terrible, disfiguring burns that are called electric burns. What makes such burns unusual is that your naked eye may not be able to see them. Some of these burns are entirely inside the body. If you suffer from such a burn, you may lose feeling in your leg or arm or other body part.

If you are injured by an electric shock you may be able to collect monetary damages including:

·         Medical bills

·         Lost wages

·         Pain and suffering, permanent impairment or loss of use of body part

·         Emotional suffering and psychological injuries

In wrongful death cases caused by electrocution, a different set of monetary damages applies and each state has a damages statute that must be consulted.


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