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Virginia Man Charged With DUI in Fatal Wreck

A 78 year-old man died in a crash over Memorial Day weekend in Albemarle County, VA, and another man has been charged with DUI in the accident.

Police stated that a 55 year-old man was turning left onto a farm in his SUV at the 2900 block of Barracks Road. He allegedly hit another vehicle, which overturned. The driver died at the scene.

Police arrested the 55 year-old and charged him with DUI, He is being held without bond as the accident is being investigated.

Our personal injury firm is dedicated to suing convicted drunk drivers in civil court. These foolish acts injure and kill innocent Virginians every day, and we want to make sure people know that driving drunk has severe penalties.

We recently had a client in Norfolk, VA who was walking out of his gym when a drunk driver drove onto the sidewalk and hit him. He suffered major injuries to his legs. He eventually had to have four surgeries on his legs. Our legal team succeeded in getting the driver’s insurance policy to pay damages, and we also were able to obtain damages from our client’s policy. In Virginia, if another driver causes a personal injury to you, obtaining benefits from your own policy cannot increase your premiums.


This case was settled for $100,000. Unfortunately in the above case, the crash was fatal, but the family of the deceased still may be able to collect damages from the other driver’s policy.

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