What Happened:

Officials identified a Virginia coalminer who died in a Raleigh County, West Virginia mining accident late last week. A spokesperson for the state says that the victim of the accident is from Bluefield, Virginia and died from injuries sustained last Thursday in the Pocahontas Coal Company’s Affinity Mine.

Officials with the Mine Safety Health Administration have said that the miner was pushing a scoop bucket full of trash onto a hoist when the hoist moved unexpectedly. The investigation, still in its early stages, indicates that the hoist picked up the scoop and trapped the victim underneath.

The tragic death is the second equipment-related fatality in the area in just two weeks. Only a few days prior to the Virginia man’s death, another miner from Delbarton, WV died after a hydraulic jack exploded at Midland Trail Energy’s Blue Creek plant. Investigations regarding both incidents are still underway.

The mine at the center of the scoop-related death has been in trouble with regulators before for giving illegal advance warning to workers that inspectors were onsite. The problem with such warnings is that they are intended to allow workers a chance to hide issues that could endanger not only their lives but also the lives of their coworkers.

The Virginia Wrongful Death Attorney’s Perspective:

Few jobs are as dangerous as coal mining. Those working such long, hard hours should at least be able to rely on the safety of their equipment and it’s tragic when faulty machinery leads to the death of an innocent employee. As experienced Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorneys we have fought many cases linked to workplace safety. The victims’ loved ones should consider speaking with a Virginia wrongful death lawyer to weigh their legal options.

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