A Craigsville man has been convicted of several different felonies after his speeding and reckless driving injured four people in a car accident last year. According to the News-Leader, 31-year-old Scott Knight will face up to 96 years in prison for reckless driving, four counts of malicious wounding, and property destruction.

The Virginia car accident took place on West Beverly Street in Staunton, where witnesses say Knight was speeding at 100 miles per hour despite the posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. The car crashed into three other vehicles, injuring four people and leaving three with head injuries. A police investigation confirmed that the vehicle was speeding far beyond the legal limit and that Knight did not apply his brakes until just moments before the collision took place.

The person in the passenger’s seat, 47-year-old Stanley Colvin of Craigsville, suffered a traumatic brain injury in the car accident. He is still recovering from his head injury at a Virginia rehabilitation center. Another car accident victim, Elizabeth Benbow, also received a head injury in the vehicle accident and still suffers from memory loss and other disabilities. Her son suffered a concussion in the car crash. A fourth driver suffered a broken sternum and other serious injuries.

Knight had only had his drivers’ license for a single day before he caused the crash. Malicious wounding comes with a maximum sentence of 20 years per count. His attorney will appeal the conviction.