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Virginia Motorcycle Rider Killed When Car Crosses Into Path

A car driver's failure to yield right of way to oncoming traffic is being blamed for the July 15, 2016, morning rush hour death of a motorcycle rider in Augusta County, Virginia (VA). The deadly two-vehicle crash occurred just north of Waynesboro at the intersection of Route 254 and Old White Bridge Road.



According to state police, the at-fault driver was attempting to cross the highway. She had stopped at a stop sign on Old White Bridge Road before driving into the path of the motorcyclist. The impact ejected the rider from his bike, and he died from his injuries at the scene of the collision.

It is unclear from news reports whether the driver failed to spot the motorcycle or mistimed her entry into the intersection, My Virginia wrongful death attorney colleagues and I know from helping many victims of similar failure to yield crashes that at-fault drivers often try to avoid responsibility by offering bothe explanations. However, neither "I never even saw ..." nor "It was tough to tell how fast the bike was going" stand as valid excuses for taking a motorcycle rider's life.

This fatal wreck in Augusta County was reported to police at 6:15 am. With the sun just starting to rise, the difficulty of spotting a small, fast-moving vehicle like a motorcycle would have been made even more challenging by the changing light and possible glare. Such tough conditions only raise the duty of drivers to take the extra time and make the additional effort to double- and triple-check intersections to make sure the way is clear for a turn, merge or crossing.


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