Just before Memorial Day weekend, the left shoulder and left lane were closed when a two-vehicle crash on I-64 East in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), resulted in injuries and caused major traffic delays, according to the Virginian-Pilot. The car crash, occurring just after 9 am on a Thursday, at mile marker 281.8, near Military Highway, caused a 3-mile backup, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation website.

Earlier the same morning, a multi-vehicle crash with injuries caused a 5-mile delay on I-64 West at mile marker 292.9 in Chesapeake, VA.

The two accidents were still under investigation. Multi-car accidents often cause serious injuries and death, not only proving devastating to an accident victim’s family and friends, but also affecting the victim’s school or workplace communities. If the Norfolk and Chesapeake wrecks were the fault of anyone, a Virginia personal injury lawyer might be of assistance anyone injured when pursuing justice from responsible parties for any pain suffered. 

The car accidents  are stark reminders for drivers to pay attention to signals from other cars, not engage in distracted driving habits like texting, and to follow speed limits so not only their lives, but the lives of passengers and other people on the roads, won’t be put at risk. 

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