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Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss School Bus Accidents and Injuries

Most parents remember the very first day they put their child on a school bus.  For children it can be a very exciting school day as they wait for their first ride on the big yellow bus. However, parents may have a reason to be alarmed because recent reports from the Virginia DMV show that school buses have a significantly higher number of accidents per hundred million miles of travel than other forms of transportation. As Virginia car accident injury lawyers such statistics are alarming. Could it be that the amount or type of training that school bus drivers are given is inadequate?

The most recent example would be a school bus crash with injuries that occurred in Newport News, Virginia.  A city of Poquoson public school bus was on its way back from a field trip when it lost control on the wet pavement. The bus ran off the road, hit a highway sign then came to a stop in a mud-filled ditch. Five children and one teacher were injured in this school bus accident.

Whenever a child is hurt in a school bus accident, we are often asked why seatbelts aren’t required.  The reasoning behind this comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Their answer is that school buses have a built-in occupant protection system known as compartmentalization, which is a system of seat height, seat length and padding, among other requirements. The example they give is that compartmentalization is like an egg carton protecting a child. 

The idea of children bouncing around like fragile eggs in a school bus during an accident doesn’t seem very reassuring to us or parents. But it seems that the cost of retrofitting thousands of school busses in Virginia outweighs the chance of accidents and injuries to the administration.

As Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyers we take any child injury very seriously which is why we have created a report specifically relating to child injuries. As the parent or guardian, being prepared to handle this situation will help ensure you and your family receive proper compensation to help cover large medical bills, any permanent scarring or brain damage to your child, and pain and suffering.


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