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Virginia (VA) Brain Injury Questions Answered: Part Two


The human brain is, as neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, Ph.D., says "The most sophisticated machine imaginable, or unimaginable." It is composed of more than 100 billion nerve cells, each of which forms as many as 10,000 connections with other neurons.  Sound complicated?  It is and so are closed head and brain injuries.

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How are Traumatic Brain Injuries Diagnosed?

TBI is a clinical diagnosis; no single test is able to definitively confirm the diagnosis of TBI. But magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a powerful diagnostic tool that can detect signs of injury such as minute bleeding (microhemorrhage), small areas of bruising (contusion) or scarring (gliosis), which are invisible to CT scans. Newer, specialized types of MRI can assess the structure of brain injury at an even finer level or measure brain function and to detect alterations or damage in brain structure and function due to TBI.


What are the Potential Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury?

There are mild forms of brain injuries such as concussions with side effects that last for just a brief period, like loss of consciousness or short time memory loss.  As well as brain injuries that can lead to permanent brain damage and can last for the rest of your life.  As VA brain injury lawyers we have written a number of articles about how traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can affect every aspect of a person’s emotional state and physical state.

Some of the most common side effects of a brain injury include balance problems, sensitivity to bright lights, irritability, fatigue, sensory overload related to difficulties filtering out background noise, inability to initiate or to follow through on tasks, and a lack of self-awareness of one's own cognitive problems.  There are other less obvious effects of a head injury such as the changes that a serious brain injury can have on a person’s relationships and marriage.

Which Experts are Needed to Present Evidence in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

As experienced Virginia (VA) brain injury attorneys we know having knowledgeable experts for court is of the utmost importance.  These experts include numerous witnesses as well as medical experts in the fields of neurology, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, and physiatry (rehabilitation physicians) as well as vocational experts and life care planners.  In head injury cases involving low-impact accidents, there usually will be accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineers as well. Our Virginia brain injury lawyers (with co-counsel) obtained a record-setting mild traumatic brain injury verdict in Virginia in October of 2000. The jury verdict was for $46 million ($60 million with post-judgment interest; settled while on appeal). 

Our personal injury law firm sees brain damage/brain injury cases in a variety of trauma cases such as:

  • Car and truck accident cases causing closed head or brain injuries
  • Slip, trip, or fall injuries causing sudden closed head injury or brain injury
  • objects or heavy item falls and strikes head, causing closed head injury or brain injury;
  • Motorcycle, boat, JetSki accident causing closed head injury or brain injury;
  • Medical malpractice (Including anesthesiology error situations) causes loss of oxygen to brain, resulting in a vegetative brain injury. 


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I'm going thru divorce, divorced now but still assets to deal with. Ex was in a bad scooter wreck 2 years ago in may. He had 4 hematomas in head plus in leg. Plus other bodily things. He is showing confusion and lack of comprehension at times also numbers seem to be a problem. He's not capable of us settling rest of assets. What can my lawyer do? I meet with him today @ 5. I read instead of judge getting involved he can talk to family or his doctor. I don't want him to go thru court and trauma. What can be done by my lawyer? His lawyer is very very difficult. My ex is making me lose money because of his confusion and we did all accurate and fair. Can you tell me what can be done? Thanks so much. Judy Martin. I leave at 4 today . My email is for work
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