Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Emily Mapp Brannon Appears on ABC's 20/20 With Her Clients: Concordia Honeymooning Couple

Concordia cruise shipRobert and Megan Mauri were on board the Costa Concordia cruise ship when it crashed off the coast of Italy on January 13, 2012. These Pennsylvania (PA) residents will tell their courageous story on January 20 edition of the news magazine show 20/20. If you miss the broadcast, we are sure that video clips will remain on the web at the link above.

Protecting the honeymooners legal interests was their Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney Emily Mapp Brannon. Emily reports that the couple also has been interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, which will likely air the spot on Friday, January 20, 2012. The Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster interview clips with her clients, on their honeymoon, may also be available on the ET website, so check it out.

The newlyweds will tell their harrowing tale of two people in love nearly separated by the cruise ship disaster and who also helped fellow passengers during the disaster's aftermath. Lies told by the captain, abandonment by the crew and lifeboats that were unable to be lowered are only some of the terrifying comparisons with the Titanic's sinking.

Our frm's personal injury attorney is legally advising the couple as to rights. In a disaster this big the Carnival Cruise Lines' Italian subsidiary will be facing hundreds of personal injury and dozens of wrongful death claims, over the unexplained acts of the captain straying off course. Questions are significant about whether personal injury suits can be maintained in the United States or must be brought in Genoa, Italy.  Emily will team with Italian attorneys if the legal analysis mandates actions be brought in Italy rather than the United States.


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