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Virginia Woman Dies in Logging Truck Accident

A Virginia woman died in Campbell County, VA May 29 after a log became dislodged on a logging truck, smashing through her windshield.

The accident happened on Route 29 near Altavista. The woman was driving north when the log fell off the truck and struck her. She died at the scene from blunt force head trauma.

There were no other cars on the scene at the time of the crash, and the truck and driver has not been located. The police said it is likely that the log fell off the truck without the driver knowing about it.

Logging truck accidents are common in Virginia. Many logging truck accidents cause accidents, deaths and injuries on Virginia roads each year. Some of the most common logging truck accidents include:

  • Rural roads: Logging trucks have to drive on rural and hilly roads to get their log load. This means that drivers often are driving on narrow roads. Accidents are more common on roads with limited shoulders.
  • Trucks at higher elevations: Logs are taken from mountainous areas, which means that the roads can by icy or snowy. This leads to more accidents.
  • Trucks carrying risky loads: Logs are not always properly secured and they have been known to fall off and kill innocent drivers, as appeared to happen in this tragic accident.

This accident shows how important it is for logging companies to ensure that their loads are safe and secure. We hope that the family of the victim is able to find the responsible logging company soon. They should file a personal injury, wrongful death lawsuit against that company to provide them with financial compensation for the loss of their loved one.


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