Santa Matia Beatriz of Centreville, Virginia (VA) was involved in a horrific accident on Interstate 59 (I-59) in Alabama (AL). She was a passenger in a Toyota Rav 4 when the SUV flipped over on the highway. Just as Ms. Beatriz made her way out of the wreckage, she was hit by a tractor trailer. A few minutes later, a Chevy Malibu hit the overturned Rav 4 and also hit Ms. Beatriz, according to the Dekalb County Times-Journal.  

She was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital and theres no word yet on her condition. I’d imagine being involved in a major accident and then being hit by a car and a tractor trailer would produce some rather serious injuries.

There are many questions that need to be answered about this terrible event. First and foremost, what caused the Rav 4 to flip over? Was the driver not paying attention or distracted? Second, how could the tractor trailer and Malibu not see the Rav 4 wreckage on the highway? We know the crash occurred at 4:50am, but how fast were they driving not to be able to avoid a Rav 4 wrecked on the highway?

This isn’t the first time someone was hit by two vehicles on the same day. In fact, just a few weeks ago a pedestrian was hit by two cars on Highway 74 in North Carolina (NC), according to  Sadly, the pedestrian died from the accident. Let’s hope Ms. Beatriz does not suffer the same outcome.