Voice of the Victims: How Yaz and Yasmin Can Effect a Woman's Life | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Our law firm has written numerous articles and an in-depth, special report on the dangerous side effects of Yaz, Yasmin, and the generic Ocella. But nothing provides more impact than the real-life experiences of average citizens. Here is a sample of stories from women who have taken these birth control pills…

Anne from Durham, North Carolina (NC):

“In January 2008 I was feeling really awful, like I had a chest cold that didn’t go away and it hurt to take a deep breath. One day at work (I’m a school teacher) I doubled over in pain. I literally hobbled to the nurse’s office and told her I had to get to a hospital ASAP. As soon as I was admitted to the ER, they did preliminary tests, including a CAT scan. I was blown away by the results: a blood clot in one long and three blood clots in the other. I am a very healthy 53-year-old woman; I’ve never had health issues and I’ve never smoked. It was unfathomable…I didn’t see or hear anything derogatory about Yasmin and its link to blood clots until about a month ago. An ad on TV said, ‘If you have had deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a pulmonary embolism and have been on Yasmin…’ Omigod, the light bulb finally went on! I went online, googled Yasmin and read so many articles about Yasmin side effects I couldn’t believe it: why didn’t I hear about this sooner?”

injury, Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, medication, prescription drugMember of ehealthforum.com:

“I was on YAZ for 3 months in late 2006. I was crying ALL THE TIME. Literally, if I dropped something on the floor –I would cry. Now I lean towards being an emotional person and even my mother, who knows me, loves me and understands me finally said one day ‘WHAT is WRONG WITH YOU? THIS is NOT YOU.'”

Member of steadyhealth.com forum talking about Yaz:

“I just got discharged from the Hospital today for SEVERE negative side effects related to this birth control pill! It has caused the most extreme pain and embarrassment I think I have ever experienced in my ENTIRE life!! I went from nearly-perfect skin to TERRIBLE skin so quickly – its to the point now that my entire face began to swell up, looking like bags hanging off of my chin! I was disfigured! I’m 22 and have always taken excellent care of my appearance! So this was a complete nightmare! I FINALLY was told that the added hormones in YAZ is what caused all of this! I could not even lay down to sleep! When I layed down, the gravity would cause my face to bleed A LOT – not just a little drop, but it poured off of my face! It was even painful beyond words to even wash my face!”

These stories are not the exception, they are becoming the rule. These stories are why we do what we do. We have made it a career of helping injured people.