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W. VA Tanker Truck and Car Accident Injures One

A road in Putnam County, West Virginia (WV), was closed for several hours as crews cleaned up following an accident. The road has since reopened.

According to dispatchers, the Poca, WV, accident occurred when a car and gas tanker truck crashed into one another. This occurred on Route 62 at approximately 11:30 pm on Friday, April 22, 2011. One person was trapped in the car, but emergency responders retrieved the individual and sent the victim to the hospital for medical treatment.

Motor vehicle accidents between cars and trucks are almost always more deadly and injurious to the individuals in the car. When you consider the fact that most tractor-trailers weight approximately 80,000 pounds, as opposed to 4,000-5,000 pounds for a pickup truck, it's easy to see how the smaller vehicle will suffer the most damage.

When traveling on interstates where large trucks are frequently found, always give the trailer plenty of room to maneuver. Don't follow too closely, or attempt to squeeze past these larger vehicles. They often don't the visibility that cars do, and by the time they do see you, it may be too late.

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