WA Shooting Lawsuit Nets $46 Million Verdict

A $46 million dollar verdict was returned for a Denny's Restaurant shooting in Kent that left three people injured. This sets a new state record for awards in personal injury cases.

After 4 days of deliberation, the jury agreed that the award should go to the victims injured in the shooting spree that occurred because the restaurant failed to provide enough security. Despite warnings by employees and the company's security director to make the establishment safer, Denny's declined to provide adequate security measures to prevent incidents such as the shooting.

The majority of the award will go to Kent resident Steve Tolenoa, a 31 year old rendered a quadriplegic due to injuries sustained in the shooting. He now resides in an Auburn assisted-living facility, confined to a wheelchair and his bed. Two other victims, Lisa Beltran-Walker and her husband, Carl Walker, will receive smaller awards. Beltran-Walker was shot in the knee, and her husband suffered emotional distress due to the incident.

While we are pleased to hear that the jury made the right decision in this case, and returned a verdict that was fair and just, we are disappointed with the restaurant that allowed this tragedy to occur in the first place. Establishments that cater to the public have a duty to protect that public, and clearly, this shooting is an example of what happens when that protection fails to take place.

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