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Wake County, NC Head-On Kills Van Driver, Teen Passenger

A head-on collision between a commercial truck and a minivan in Wake County, North Carolina (NC), killed two people in the smaller vehicle. Five other van passengers suffered serious injuries that required hospital treatment in the wreck on NC 98/Wait Avenue near the community of Rolesville on the evening of June 13, 2016.



Police say the truck driver caused the deadly wreck by crossing the center line of the rural highway and failing to correct his mistake for some distance. Charges were pending as of the following morning.

The deceased minivan driver has been identified as 33-year-old Renee Lynn Stokes. A 13-year-old passenger died, and four children between the ages of 3 months and 10 years were among the survivors from the minivan. The extent and nature of their injuries were not reported.

Investigators also failed to disclose information on why the truck operator left his own lane and remained in the path of oncoming traffic. The truck driver may have become distracted by a smartphone, GPS device or paperwork. He may have sped around a curve. He may have simply allowed his attention to wander. Regardless of the explanation, the trucker's negligence set the stage for a fatal tragedy and left numerous innocent people hurt and facing long, difficult recoveries.

Commercial truck drivers have high duties to control their rigs. This head-on collision in Wake County illustrates why those duties must be met at all times. My Carolina wrongful death and personal injury attorney colleagues and I send our condolences and wish for full returns to health to all the victims. 


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