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Walmart Trampoline Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

What Happened

The Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) issued a recall for Sportspower BouncePro Trampoline due to a fall hazard on January 30, 2013.

This recall will affect an estimated 120,000 units sold exclusively at Walmart. The fall hazard is due to the enclosure netting surrounding these trampolines. It can break and cause children to fall through the netting and become injured. There have been five reports of injuries that included broken bones, back and neck injuries and contusions.

This is an expansion of a recall from last May. The recall was only issued for trampolines with brown netting; the new recall has included those with black netting. This involves Sportspower BouncePro 14' Trampolines with model TR-1686-TPR. UPC code 687064045552 or 687064042100 is printed on the product’s box.  ‘Sportspower BouncePro 14’ is printed on a plate on the leg of the trampoline frame.

Consumers should immediately stop using the trampolines and contact Sportspower to receive replacement enclosure netting.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

I am shocked to hear this new recall was not issued with the previous in May of 2012. It is hard to believe a company would not recall all the products the first time. The color of netting has no effect how it was manufactured. If a consumer or their child was injured from the use of this product I would urge them to contact a personal injury attorney. Trampolines have the potential to cause serious injury to the back, neck, and spine. These injuries can easily be life altering and have dire effects to a child’s growth and development. As an experienced Virginia (VA) personal injury law firm we have represented many victims of defective or dangerous products. There is no reason to justify a company for showing this kind of negligence and leaving a dangerous product on the shelves.

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