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VA Truck Accident Injury Lawyers: Warning: Tractor-Trailers Can’t Easily Avoid Road Hazards

Best truck accident attorney in VARecently, our VA truck accident injury law firm covered the tragic story of a tractor-trailer accident that left one person dead and at least one other seriously injured. The Virginia truck crash took place on I-64 near Newport News when a big-rig was unable to avoid a one-vehicle accident that took place minutes before. The tractor-trailer slammed into the car in the accident and then struck another vehicle. The second vehicle and the truck caught fire when the truck’s fuel ignited—killing one driver and injuring the other. 

Big-rigs often can’t avoid crash scenes

We write a lot about how big-rigs can often be the cause of Virginia traffic accidents, but it is important to understand that a significant number of tractor-trailer collisions take place when trucks aren’t able to slow down or stop when approaching accident scenes on interstates and highways. The result? A big-rig can turn a small fender-bender or one-vehicle accident into a large, deadly chain-reaction crash. 

Why do commercial trucks have trouble avoiding accidents and other hazards on the road? Very simply, large trucks are bigger and heavier than other vehicles on the road and take a lot more time to slow down and stop. They are also harder to maneuver around accidents (or roll over when a driver tries to veer away from a hazard). While smaller vehicles can stop or steer away from collisions, tractor-trailers may not be able to avoid a second crash. 


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